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Pomurje or picturesque countryside on both riverbanks of the Mura river, is a land of vast fields and hills, storks and wind rattles, water mills, healing waters, energy points, wine-growing hills, authenticity, tradition, dialect, and in particular a land of hospitable people – locals who live in the largest agricultural part of Slovenia.


The harmonic picture of Pomurje invites you to take a walk through vineyards, alongside streams and across vast plains, to run across meadows and through forests, or to cycle up hills and enjoy the magnificent view. Tourist farms and many ethnographic events enable our guests to get to know the tradition and folk customs of the north-eastern part of Slovenia. "Gostilne" or village inns offer local specialties and exquisite wines. Modern nomads can explore golf playgrounds as well as natural health resorts and thermal spas.Pomurje attracts nature lovers in all seasons. Wonderful panorama and rich natural and cultural heritage offer numerous possibilities for individual and family trips.




Regardless of your cycling appetites - whether you are a persistent long-distance biker type or you prefer more demanding cycling challenges - you will certainly find what you are looking for in Prlekija. You won't get bored here either, as this country's amazing landscape simply must fulfil expectations of any honest recreationist.



Tour: Banovci – Veržej

Tour length: 3 km to the mill




Tour: Banovci – Veržej – Ižakovci (Island of Love and ferry) – Banovci

Tour length: 9 km to Ižakovci – cross the river on the ferry – 7 km back through Krapje




Tour: Through Dokležovje, Ižakovci to Melinci, cross the Mura river on the ferry and back to Banovci

Tour length: Up to 10 km to Melinci, from Mura to Banovci through Krapje – 7 km




Tour: Banovci – Grlava – Krištanci – Šalinci – Noršinci pri Ljutomeru – Ljutomer or Banovci – Krapje – Ljutomer

Tour length: Banovci – Grlava – Krištanci – Šalinci – Noršinci pri Ljutomeru – Ljutomer 8 km; Back to Banovci through Krapje: 9 km. Total: 17 km




Through Dokležovje, Ižakovci, Melinci, Gornja Bistrica or through Krapje, Cven, Mota

Path length: Dokležovje-Ižakovci-Melinci – 8 km; Gornja Bistrica, Krapje-Cven-Mota – 11 km. Total: 29 km




Banovci – Grlava – Krištanci – Šalinci – Noršinci pri Ljutomeru – Ljutomer – Jeruzalem or Banovci – Križevci pri Ljutomeru – Lukavci – Cezanjevci – Jeruzalem

Length of trail: 15 km through Ljutomer; 17 km through Lukavci, Cezanjevci. Total 32 km.




Veržej-Dokležovje-Bakovci-Krog-Tropovci-Tišina-Petanjci-Radenci-Rihtarovci-Hrastje-Mota, Vučja vas-Stara Nova vas-Iljaševci-Veržej-Banovci

Tour length: Banovci – Radenci: 19 km, back to Banovci: 15 km, 34 km all together




Jogging and walking

You can enjoy the picturesque landscape and its never-ending views to the fullest in every season of the year. Imagine yourself slowly sliding through the village or through the woods, peacefully becoming one with the enchantingly beautiful nature and local people.


Early in the morning, when the whole world is sleeping, you run through the woods, across the fields, all the way to the Mura river and back. There exists nothing but you and your jogging. Pomurje offers many well-proven paths (Three Hearts Marathon) and even more unknown, mysterious paths.


Step away from the chaotic every day's life and discover a place where you can quietly lose yourself in your own thoughts. Walks around the village Banovci are just made for you. Why would you not surrender to the beauty of the unspoiled nature and simply enjoy life for a change?





Length of trail: 3 km (1.8 mile) in one direction


At the end of the 18th century, 69 floating mills operated on the Mura river, but today only the Babič mill in Veržej is still working. This is a unique monument of Slovenian heritage of inestimable value. The mill, which still operates today, is wooden, built on four pillars at the riverbank of the Mura river; the water wheel is held on two floating iron boats. The water wheel is the herald of life and a symbol of harmony between the miller and the river. The floating mill is a unique invention that efficiently harnesses the natural energy of water and allows farmers to make ground whole-wheat products. The mill has already become part of the local tourist trade, providing milling services and typical regional food.


Itinerary: Starting at the Sun House, turn right at the main road and go for a short walk to the nearest village Veržej. In Veržej turn in at the roundabout, straight across and continue to the nearby floating mill on the Mura river.





Length of trail: 4 km (2.5 miles) in one direction


People who live near the Mura river are connected with it – particularly emotionally. In the past Mura constantly changed its stream and created numerous oxbow lakes, which stirred the imagination of the people and brought to life many river fairies and other mythical creatures. They inspired poets and painters, and today they are still a home of rare plant and animal species. Mura's river-bed was ameliorated, its flow became fast, but the secret of the oxbow lakes and its special silver light that shimmers in the early mornings on the river, remained.


Itinerary: Starting in the garden of the Sun House, turn to the solitary rock in the middle of the field and walk through the fields to the edge of the forest where you will meet the Mura river. We recommend a walk in the early morning hours or late in the evening. Unforgettable!





Banovci, a small village, surrounded by wheat fields, green meadows and shady forests, where life is passing by slower than the flow of the nearby Mura river.


Itinerary: Starting at the Sun house, turn left at the main road where you will see a small chapel. Turn left again and you will see Spa Banovci (Terme Banovci). From there you can run towards village Ljutomer. 

Another interesting route: turn right at the chapel, pass by the small shops and catering facilities, where you will see another chapel. Turn right once again. The road winds through the village and if you continue along its way, it brings you to the main road, which connects villages Križevci and Veržej. The little bridge is the crossroads – you can choose either the left or the right field path, both will bring you back to the Sun house. You will definitely meet a stork, a rabbit or a deer.




Horseback riding

People in this part of the world have been living in harmony with their horses since the old times. There were times when animals just served their masters, but in our days they became their true friends. They will gladly reveal their secrets to you too, as long as you will be willing to accept them. To see Prlekija from the height of the horse's back can be quite an adventure, certainly worth taking into consideration.





If you are an experienced horse rider and would like to ride without professional guide or help, visit the Riding Club in Rakičan:


Konjeniški klub grad Rakičan 

Lendavska ulica 28


9000 Murska Sobota

Phone: +386 2 532 13 22



Pri jahanju je prisoten vodja jahanja. Jahač mora obvladati vse tri hode (hod, kas, galop) in imeti minimalno 9 let. Obvezna oprema je jahalna čelada, ki si jo lahko izposodite tudi v Konjeniškem klubu. Posebnost je tudi sobotno jahanje ponijev, ki traja med 15.00 in 18.00 uro. Za jahanje se je potrebno v naprej dogovoriti z izvajalcem jahanja.





You can enjoy trail riding to the full in nearby village Petanjci (near Radenci), where the Horse Club Zaton, has been operating for ten years. If you have only got a few hours to spare, experienced riding instructors can take you out and show you a taste of this land. You will be riding in the nature, where some of the paths wind along the river Mura.


Konjeniški klub Zaton 

Petanjci 50 

9251 Tišina





On the farm Firbas you can feel the real country life. Besides horses, you will be welcomed by all the other farm animals (pigs, goats, chickens and rabbits) and you can learn about local customs. They offer a quality, family owned and operated facility with personal attention. Riding in the paddock is suitable for non-experienced riders, and especially for children. After experiencing some of their additional activities, you can taste their delicious homemade food.


Domačija Firbas

Cogetinci 60

2236 Cerkvenjak

Phone: +386 2 703 50 90

Mobile: +386 41 746 147




Hot air ballooning

Experience and discover the beauty of Pomurje from the bird's-eye view. The meadow within striking distance of the Sun House can be a suitable take-off point, since it is situated such that the predicted winds will move the balloon in the direction of suitable landing sites, which are usually near Murska Sobota (depending on the landing conditions). The most favorable time for a balloon flight is in the winter or in early spring. In the summer it is possible to take a flight only in the very early morning hours, as in hot air balooning safety is a very important factor. The flight lasts about 20 minutes. We also provide transportation back to the Sun House.


Hot air balloon club Bakovci will provide a safe experience.


Balonarski klub Bakovci

Ulica ob potoku 7

9000 Murska sobota

Mobile: +386 31 756 017





In nearby village Moravci you will find a high quality golf course, which will satisfy even the most demanding golf enthusiasts. We look forward to escorting you to the hole No. 1, but from there it is all up to you.





You can enjoy a game of golf on the Livada golf course with 18 holes extending over more than 120 acres and surrounding the Terme 3000 tourist complex like a nature park. Hole 9 of the course makes it special as it is the longest in Slovenia at almost 600 metres (almost 2,000 feet). The Livada golf course offers both beginners and experienced players countless golfing pleasures. Clubs available for rental.


For more information, visit the following website:





If you visit the oldest Slovenian town Ptuj and would like to combine pleasure with business, you should definitely see the old town and the mighty castle.


Ptuj Golf Club is located approximately 30 km away from the Sun House. The Ptuj Golf Course has won several awards for the best arranged golf course in Slovenia. It is known for its many hazards, especially the water hazards near most holes, ensuring that a good result is not achieved by strength, but by precision. The configuration of the course also makes it suitable for amateur players, because it does not require a particularly high level of physical condition. Players are therefore free to focus on the game.


Golfinvest d.o.o.

Mlinska ulica 13

2250 Ptuj

Phone: +386 2 788 91 10

Mobile: +386 41 791 065




Rafting on the Mura river

Flowing into Slovenia, the Mura river finally calms down as if it wanted to whisper »I finally came home«. The inhabitants of Pomurje are in awe of the Mura river as it often gives them a fair warning of itself, although it is not stingy with its gifts either. Along the Mura river, the visitor will discover one of the most beautiful natural parks boasting with great variety of birds, fish and flower species.





The Boatmen Society in Dokležovje provides save rafting on the Mura river. The best time to raft on the Mura river is in the summer, but as well in spring or in autumn. The Society provides a safe and professional sports activity, therefore you do not have to fear. Visitors are expected to be swimmers and to comply with the rules set out by the head of the boat. Before the start, each visitor gets required equipment (life jacket), which is produced from high quality materials and tested according to the European standards.


Društvo čolnarjev Dokležovje (The Boatmen Society)

Glavna ulica 18

9231 Beltinci

Mobile: +386 40 292 409





If you prefer a more traditional descent down the Mura river, we recommend »Bujraške šefe«, a traditional raft on the Mura river, where you can listen to the traditional accordion songs and taste delicious »Bograč« (thick soup, made of 4 different types of meat). The descent down the Mura river starts in village Krog and continues to Ižakovci. During the journey it is possible to make a short stop and visit the old floating Babič mill. The journey takes 1,5 hours.


Športno društvo Bakovci (Sports Society Bakovci)

Ulica ob potoku 27

9000 Murska Sobota

Mobile: +386 41 380 268 


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