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The Sun House (Sončna hiša) actually accommodates a 5-star hotel, laying great stress on its first-class service and personalised approach to its guests. Whether you are enjoying a superb breakfast buffet or just taking a rest in the »Sun-room«, our personnel is always at your disposal. The Sun House is an oasis, offering once and again a pure excitement of being. Pay us a visit and indulge yourself to the fascination of surprises attended to by our highly qualified personnel! We have set ourselves a pretty demanding goal. We wish every guest in the Sun House to feel »at home, far away from home«. And now you are probably asking yourselves: »How on earth are they going to do that?«


The five (5) spacious and luxuriously furnished suites of the newly built villa, hidden in the very heart of authentic and natural riches of Prlekija will be able to accommodate only up to eighteen (18) guests at a time and thus offer their guests discretion and comfort they need so much in these stressful and troubled times. It is with our unique Sauna Garden that we will gently »disconnect« you from the endless struggle against time, dictated by the present-day urban life. All our luxurious suites are designed to fulfil needs of each and every individual. Each of them is equipped uniquely, thoughtfully and with details that will simply have to arise your imagination...Each suit is different, so make your choice!


Should you like to visit us, get to know us, become a part of our family and repair yourself to the world of exciting experiences do not hesitate to contact us at:





As far as the Sun-Cuisine is concerned, we focused a great deal of our attention on creating of our »healthy menus«, as we strongly believe that only healthy and natural food belongs in the natural environment. We therefore intend to seduce your tastebuds with most tasteful breakfasts, made exclusively from biological and home grown ingredients. As it is our wish to make your start of the day unforgettable, we are going to fondle you with excellent jams, salamis, various spreadings, natural fruit juices as well as newly baked bread, fruit pies or rolls. And don't worry, you will be allowed to sleep as long as you please, as your breakfast will be prepared especially for you. You will be also able to treat yourselves to the most important meal of the day in our garden in the beautiful, clean and unspoiled nature.





We also intend to spoil you with excellent home made sweets and selected superior wines all day long. Should you express a wish to indulge yourself with at least a tiny part of our attention and tasteful delicacies when swimming in the nearby spa or exploring the banks of Mura we will be only glad to fill up your baskets with some tasteful meals, conceived especially for an unforgettable snack in the Nature. We are also quite ready to please a larger company with a picnic, prepared according to its special wishes.





We may also surprise you with a superb end of the day taking you, from time to time, to one or two of our leading local restaurants or invite a skilled master of the Prlekian cuisine to our Sun House where he might conjure up just for you an outstanding »Prlekija's Tasting Menu«.

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